4 Problems Likely to Affect Your Home's Windows During the Winter

Since windows are made mainly of glass and also incorporate quite complex frames, they are parts of your property's exterior that are always vulnerable to damage. However, windows can be even more vulnerable to damage during the winter, so it's vital that you fix any problems as soon as possible.

Here are just four problems that often affect residential windows during the winter.

1. Cold Weather Can Widen Cracks

It can be relatively easy to ignore a small crack in your window, and a tiny hairline fracture might not even be seen until it's too late. Unfortunately, 'too late' will often occur during the winter period. During the winter, your windows will be meeting intense cold from the outside, but they will also be heated up from the inside along with the rest of your house when you turn on the heating. Fluctuations in temperature can expand and contract the glass enough for cracks to get much more serious. Glass repairs can be done to prevent serious damage.

2. Increase in Snow and Rain

If you live in a part of the country that tends to experience heavy snowfall, it's likely that snow will pile up around your windows. The constant presence of moisture against the glass and frames can cause problems of its own, and excessive rainfall can also create moisture problems. If snow drifts become large, the build-up of snow resting against your window could cause them to bow inwards, and cracks could get larger.

3. Build-Up of Condensation

Condensation often develops on windows, and this isn't always a sign that the windows need to be replaced. However, condensation is far more likely to form during the depths of winter since there will be such a significant difference between interior temperature and exterior temperature. This can make it hard to gauge whether serious problems exist, and the presence of moisture is never good for your windows.

4. Water Can Penetrate, Ice Can Form

As most people know, water expands when it freezes and turns into ice. This is why the ice cubes in your freezer will rise up towards the middle instead of lying flat like water would. This interesting bit of trivia can actually be harmful for your winters during the winter. You'll probably be dealing with both an increase in precipitation and freezing temperatures, so water will be more likely to penetrate the frames around your windows and more likely to turn into ice. As it expands during this process, the pressure can cause damage.

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