How To have Timber Window Frames Repaired and Restored

Window frames made of timber can be a wonderfully distinctive addition to both residential and commercial buildings, providing excellent durability and weather resistance while remaining distinct from the near-identical PVC window frames found in a huge number of newly-built buildings. However, while timber window frames can endure an enormous amount of punishment from wind and rain, they are not invulnerable, and sooner or later a timber window frame will have to be repaired or replaced.

However, a broken or degrading timber window frame does not have to be torn out and replaced, and if damage is not extensive, you can often have your frames repaired while leaving them fitted to your building. Timber frame repair jobs are offered by many good glaziers and joinery specialists, and repairs can be effective when used on a number of forms of damage:

Repairing cracked or broken timber window frames

Even a brand new timber window frame can suffer badly under heavy impacts and other forms of physical damage, and it is not uncommon for a broken window to be accompanied by broken, cracked, and splintered wooden frames. Hiring a window repair service, however, can prevent you having to replace your damaged windows with new and expensive frames.

Window repair services generally repair cracked and other physically damaged timber frames by taking out the damaged portions of the frame, while leaving the rest of the frame and window glass itself in place (most timber frames are assembled from many pieces rather than shaped from a single piece of wood, so the broken piece(s) can often simply be replaced). If your window has suffered a loss of structural strength as a result of the damage, it can be strengthened with simple reinforcing beams or expanding wood filler. This type of damage can also be accompanied by damage to weather seals and other waterproofing features in your window frames, so make sure to have these inspected and repaired as necessary.

Repairing rotten timber window frames

Contrary to belief, rotting is not an inevitability when it comes to timber window frames, and judicious use of preservative treatments and sealants can provide excellent anti-fungal protection. However, even frames that do suffer from extensive rot and decay may still be salvageable, especially if the rot has damaged surface wood without undermining the timber's structural strength.

To repair your rotten window frame, a window frame repairman will generally start by removing all traces of rotten wood still attached to the frame. After this epoxy fillers, liquid plastic solutions which dry into an incredibly strong and durable solid, are injected into the voids in the frame and sanded smooth once fully dried and cured. A repair job using these fillers can be practically indistuinguishable from an undamaged window, as the filler is sanded smooth and painted to match the rest of the frame.

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