Why Your Bathroom Needs Frameless Shower Screens

When it comes to home improvement, homeowners tend to focus on enhancing the appearance of living spaces and neglect rooms that are used for utilitarian purposes. One of the rooms that experiences this neglect is the bathroom. This is why you will find some bathrooms will have the same mouldy shower curtain for aeons without a second thought. However, this neglect results in your bathroom becoming an eyesore.

If you are tired of your bathroom's bland appearance, a simple way to change its overall aesthetic would be by installing frameless glass shower screens. Not only are these shower screens functional but they will also make your bathroom pop. So what are some of the reasons why your bathroom needs a glass shower screen?

Frameless shower screens complement all décor choices

A misconception some people may have is that frameless shower screens are available in two styles, transparent or frosted glass. Although these tend to be the most popular options, they are not the only choices in the market. If you would like to incorporate some tactile interest on your shower screens, you could opt for textured shower screens. These are attractive and also provide you with additional privacy.

On the other hand, you could opt for etched glass that has images on the shower screens. You even have the option of choosing coloured glass if you would like your shower screens to stand out. Overall, with glass shower screens, you will find you have unlimited options to flex your creativity.

Frameless shower screens are simple to clean

Since the bathroom is used on a daily basis, it also requires day to day cleaning. If you are using a shower curtain or metal framed screen for your enclosure, you will find that grime begins to collect in your shower. This means having to invest a substantial amount of time on a routine basis to eliminate this dirt or you will have bacteria and a host of other microbes breeding in your shower.

Frameless glass, on the other hand, is not conducive for the growth of bacteria and mould. All you would have to do is ensure that the glass is wiped to keep it spotless. Moreover, unlike shower curtains, frameless shower screens will not stain. Thus, they stay in pristine condition for the duration of their lifespan.

Frameless shower screens increase illumination

If the lighting in your bathroom is limited, then you should consider a frameless shower screen. The glass will reflect the light that is available, making your bathroom appear brighter than normal. In addition to this, since the glass does not compartmentalise your bathroom, it creates an illusion of the space appearing bigger than it really is.

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