Replacing your Broken Window Glass

Replacing your broken window glass will not only save your time but also effort, money and risky injuries. The procedure of removing broken window glass and replacing with new ones is not difficult. However, proper knowledge and skills are needed to successfully complete the job. There is more to just inserting the new window pane and smearing putty to hold it in place. This information will direct you on how to prepare the window pane, install it to your window frame, and perform the needed finishing touches.

What You Need

The following tools and materials are necessary to complete the job correctly: glass cutter, paint, scraper or putty knife, hand cleaner, work gloves, razor blade scraper, chisel, putty, window scraper, glass of required size, metal shield, soldering tool or heat gun, linseed oil, pliers and paint brush.

Remove the Broken Glass

You will need to remove the old putty to do away with the broken glass. This can be done using a putty knife, jackknife or wood chisel. Heat may be used to soften the putty in the stubborn areas of the frame. You simply heat the head of your chisel and run it over the putty to remove it from the wood frame easily. After you have completely removed the old putty, use the point chisel to smooth all the rough spots on the window frame.

Oil the Window Frame

Use a small paintbrush to smoothly apply heavy coat of linseed oil to all areas of the window frame. The oil should completely soak before you proceed. Linseed application prolongs the life of the putty.

Apply Layer of New Putty to the Window Frame

Apply a thin layer of new putty on the window frame where the window pane will be set. The layer of the putty should not be too thick as most of it could go to waste when fixing the glass window pane.

Install the New Glass Window

The process of installing the new window pane involves cutting to the right size and placing it on the window frame.


Replacement glass must be cut to the exact size of the frame using a glass cutter. In most cases, a window pane should be cut to an inch smaller to the area it will fill. After cutting, insert the windowpane on the frame and press it firmly against the putty.


You may probably hold the glass in position with one hand and use the other hand to insert glazier's points. However, it is advisable to call a friend for an extra hand to hold one side of the glass as you work to ensure the window pane fits properly.

Contact a company that specialises in working with windows for more information and assistance. 

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