Glass Pool Fencing: Three Essential Tips for Choosing Your Panels

If you are planning on installing a new pool fence, you should think about using glass panels. Glass is a favourable material for placing around the pool because of its unimposing appearance. Alternative materials will create a prominent barrier which can compromise the aesthetics of the swimming pool. Also, the surface of glass panels is non-porous. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance will be easy. In addition, this material is not susceptible to rusting or rotting like steel or wood. However, if you want a reliable pool fence, you must choose your panels with care. Here are essential tips to consider when purchasing glass.

Understand the Standards

You should check the legal standards imposed on pool fences in your state of residence. In general, pool fences are intended to protect vulnerable individuals from the dangers of drowning. Therefore, you must install a barrier which can keep out the family members who might accidentally fall in the pool, including elderly individuals, children and pets. When purchasing the fencing panels, you should make sure that the panels will be high enough to provide reasonable protection. You should also ensure that the glass has been tested and approved for this application. In simple terms, there should be a marking indicating conformity to the national standards.

Compare the Designs

You should compare the different glass designs before choosing the most suitable for your home. There are three primary choices to consider before selection: framed, semi-framed and frameless glass. As implied, framed glass panels has a frames around the main material. This design is sturdy, but the aesthetics are not exceptional. Frameless glass panels are the most appealing. The flawless appearance without frames makes it perfect for an elegant and contemporary look. However, the cost of purchase can be quite high in comparison to the alternatives. The semi-framed option has frames, but these are installed only on the upper and lower sections of the panels.

Think about Strength

Finally, you should evaluate the strength of the different glass panels on the market before purchasing the best product for your fence. The strength of the panels can be evaluated by taking the thickness of the glass into consideration. There is a range of thicknesses that you can elect as long as your choice matches or exceeds the approved safety standards. However, you should not opt for the bare minimum. Thicker panels are stronger and can withstand more impact before breakage. In addition, the thick glass will handle higher wind loads.

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